Navigation item style in current page state has disapppeared with localization

I have a navigation bar with navigation items, and turned on the new localization feature.
When you access a page (for example contact page), the navigation item “contact” has a style that differs from the other navigation item, in order to show that it is the current page.

The problem is that after turning on the localization feature, it is impossible to access the “current” style for this navigation item. It turned into “current locale” (which I don’t really understand the utility: I tried it and it applies the style to all locales).
Here is an image :

I don’t understand if this is a bug or something I missed. Moreover, I can’t access what I did before localization on these “current” navigation items.

Here is the “read-only” site


A similar post came through a few days ago- from what I could see, this seems to be a bug where the Current state indicator is not appearing on localized sites.

I didn’t dig deeper than that- your best bet is to contact support and see if they have a workaround.

@Alesclandre I have the same problem, is working but the style is just on the main lang, I hope this is not something we have to pay to use :frowning:

Hi Carlos, you’re describing an unrelated issue here. Locale-specific styling is an Enterprise-only feature. If you’re just trying to change the style of an element, switch back to your primary Locale first.

Otherwise, you can upgrade to Enterprise, or make smaller changes using custom CSS.