How to stay on the same page while clicking on a locale link?

Hello (again),
Do you know how to stay on the same subdirectory while clicking on a locale link ?
I have this page for example: mydomain/un-blog-de-motion-design
and I want the “EN” link to drive me to mydomain/en/un-blog-de-motion-design, but it drives me to the homepage.

Here are the settings for the link :
Capture d’écran 2023-11-26 à 18.23.43

I also don’t understand the difference between “Locale list items” and “current locales” in the locale link settings :

And my read-only site


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I’m having the same problem.

My logic says that you have the correct settings, but for some reason, the wrong link is generated.

Locales list item is like the CMS list item. Every locale has its own links and other data. The current locale is the one user is on. A subdirectory is the home page of the local and a page is the specific page of the local (at least in my mind).

The text part of the link works for me. If I put the current locale name or ISO code, all the links show the same text value.

Problem solved !
But I still don’t understand the difference between “locales list item” and “current locales”, as the link should redirect to the “new” locale when clicked, and not to a “current” one (it makes no sense for a destination)

Does anyone know how to apply a specific style for the current locale? For example, if English is selected, the EN link should be bold, and if French is selected, the FR link should be bold. At the moment, the style changes for both, and I don’t understand why.


Many thanks

My case solved itself.

To tmh’s question, there should be a “current locale” state in the locales link element. The regular current state tag appears to be quite sticky, as it seldom does.

Hi Janne,
Yes I saw the Current Locale state. Problem is this state is applied to both localization link at the same time. It should be applied to only one link. I found a solution with embed code to apply Current Locale to only one link at the time but this is not the ideal solution.

I made a page to show the problem here :

And the read only link

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On the webflow documentation they recommend using a dropdown element. I used that for now, and it seems to work.

Oh yeah. It’s not once or twice I’ve had a stubborn current state. But there is a trick to it.

Just make a separate link element with the same class and without local list on some other page of the project. A style guide page would be a good place for this. There, you can edit the non-current style. Then, you can copy the element and link it to that specific page to get the current state. This way, you have both styles next to each other.

Styling should work on published site even if the designer shows the current tag in both links.

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Wow, great trick! It works perfectly.
Thank you so much :blush:

See below for the full manual for those who didn’t follow all our message exchanges.

  1. Add the ‘locales list’ Element to Your Page:
  • Incorporate the ‘locales list’ element onto your page.
  1. Assign the Same Class to the Locale List Language Links:
  • Give the same class to the language links in your locale list (for example, name the class ‘Locale Links’).
  1. Create a ‘Text Link’ on Another Page:
  • On a different page of your site (such as a style page), create a ‘text link’ anywhere outside of a locale list.
  1. Assign the Same Class to the Text Link:
  • Give this text link the same class you assigned to the language links in the locale list (for example, ‘Locale Links’).
  1. Style the Text Link for the Non-Active State:
  • Customize this text link to represent a non-active state (when a language is not selected).
  1. Copy, Paste, and Link the Text Link to the Current Page:
  • Copy and paste this text link, and in the Link Settings, link it to the current page. This changes the text link to represent the current state.
  1. Style the Text Link for the Active State:
  • Style this text link according to your preference for an active state (when a language is selected).
  1. Publish Your Site:
  • Once you publish your site, the links in your Webflow locales list will now have the specific style when a language is selected.