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Hide Button After Triggered Blog Post Pagination

Hi everyone,
Relatively new to webflow. Love it so far! I’m working on my first project and need some help with likely a relatively simple issue.

On My Blog Page:
I read on the forums that there isn’t infinite scrolling as of yet for blog posts. However, an easy workaround is to create the initial content section of blog posts, and then have a Button Trigger that shows the next set of posts and so on.

Setting this up was easy enough. However, is it possible to have the same Button that triggers the opening of the section, hide after the initial trigger? Basically, i want the section to show and then the button to disappear.

Hope that’s not confusing.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi and Welcome!
Please post your read-only link so everyone who can help will view your site.

Hi Gary,

Maybe it didn’t show up correctly when I posted the link before. However, here it is:

Quick 2nd question: Any tips on having my logo that’s within the Navbar scale down on mobile sites? I think maybe putting it in pixels was the wrong move as it’s staying absolute

Hey do you plan on having a bunch of collections on this blog post page? You know, dozens and dozens, or only 10-20?

Right now, there’s only 12 posts to showcase but in the future, I’d like this page to have dozens. This is a temporary solution until Webflow rolls out the infinite scroll pagination crosses fingers :grinning:

Ah gotcha, because currently you can’t add multiple interactions on 1 element. Which is why pagination has been asked on the wishlist and looks to be gaining traction.

But I’m looking at your layout and have some ideas that could help if you want. Yeah I think this structure will have an issue on showing more, unless!! You want to research and add custom code? Up to you.

Oh forgot to add you can trigger multiple elements in 1 interaction, but not 1 element with multiple interactions.

Thanks Gary, any suggestions would be much appreciated! I’m not committed to any particular method.

Cool! Hmmm… now you got me thinkin’ :sunglasses: You’ve done so much great work. But I’ll share my experience on the structure from a user’s perspective. For each page, I had to see a header, then scroll down to get my content. A header image is not needed for each and every page. On the landing it’s great! But your header images are creating additional scroll activity just to see what I was expecting upon mouse click.


  1. Reduce header size to 40-50vh , because you don’t really need an image to explain anything about blog pages. If they click it, they’re accustomed to reading creative content, with photos corresponding to the blog itselft. Make a little faded color if you don’t mind. As a user, I immediately see my content I wanted, and the slight size/tone difference gives more viewing pleasure; which coincides with the “Collection Color Code Theme”.

  2. I would consider removing the “View Latest Posts” button in header. It wen down to what I already see.



  1. Here’s where I got confused. I didn’t know if I should click the ‘sub-menu’ or go directly down to posts? Which is cool, but how do I get back to the Blog Page easily?

  2. Do you need a sub-menu here? I know they’re blog template pages, but will a user? Each collection block will take them to a page anyway? It was a tad bit confusing. If the sub-nav takes me to same place as collection boxes, why use the nav? I think your page would feel more concise without it.

  3. Just enlarge the collection boxes to span the page (Outside of containers).

  4. Add a “Back to All Blogs” breadcrumb on Blog Template page so user knows how to easily get back.

A more impactful, clean blog page with nice photos that engage me, without the sub-menu.



  1. Do you need a “Show More”? Try increasing the collections because your photos are great!

Hope this offers a fresh perspective. It’s a very good site. Have fun! :grin:

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