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CMS: Click to show more posts

Hi all,

If I have a lot of blog posts, how can make a “Click/tap to show more posts” button?


Unfortunately if I understand correctly what you want to achieve in Webflow, this is not currently possible. It would require some form of API release / AJAX request that is is not supported just yet :frowning: You could however have a clever way of filtering content. Have a filter for the first 1-10 posts. Then a Dive that holds the rest (11 - 100 posts). You could then use an interaction to show and hide this div.

Not the best but a current work around solution. I’m sure if there is a better way to solve this someone from the community will ping you :sunglasses:

I actually just did this. You have to setup interactions from a button. So basically create a button that shows hidden elements.

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