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Show and Hide Content Replacing other content?

Hi friends,
I am making this website for a client.
Please Kindly go to the academy page, and then under the curriculum section.

The buttons in the top two div boxes should show and hide content when they are pressed. Currently, when pressed they either scroll down at uneven rates (from settings designed and removed about 6 months ago) or they are not responsive if clicked on the first click, they must be clicked twice and then they scroll up funny.

I’m at my wits end. I have tried to solve this many ways and I am willing to rebuild it but I don’t know what is going on. I removed the legacy interactions. Each button has it’s interactions duplicated from the other, yet the animation sequence is different.
Please help.

Designer in Need.

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Here is my site Read-Only: []

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Hey There,

I just went through your site. So here are the first issues to fix:

  1. Remove all the “Top & Bottom Margins”. Positive and negative margins are unnecessary and generally cause a lot of problems down the road. Doing that will cause your page elements to falsely rise and fall when they don’t need to. Subsequently, when you add interactions, the margins will definitely throw off your desired effect. Stay away from using top/bottom margins if possible. I understand you’re trying to add spacing above and below. The best way to create white space is to use “inner padding” on an entire section, not elements inside. Here’s a quick video:
  1. After you adjust these settings. Try your button interactions again to see how it flows on the page. If there’s still a problem, shoot a message to me and I can show you how to fix it.

See ya,

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Wow G.J. Thanks! That was very helpful. I will definitely do that.

The thing I need the most help on is on the Curriculum section of the site (in the black menu) the show and hide section there is all screwy. Could you take a look?!

Thanks friend!

Sure, okay I look now…

Okay, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Use a “Slide Out” interaction for those 2 buttons.
    Bootcamp Pro - Slide out from left
    Bootcamp Remote - Slide out from right

  2. This format will eliminate - moving objects to show, viewport and screensize visibility and it will become an overlay so no other objects will be effected.

That would totally solve your problem :grin: I do a quick video for you and post it here. Follow the steps and you’ll be done!

Are you still in the site now? I’ll go in and re-activate those buttons for the slide out.

Guardian angel! Thank you Gary!

Where are those “Evolve Bootcamp Pro Experience” layers that show on the button click?

They are hidden currently- they are called Evolve Bootcamp Experience Remote, Evolve Bootcamp Experience Pro. I was in the site now, but I can get out?!


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Did you still need a video example to follow today? I can do one now if so.

I would love a video example Gary, if you could. Wow, Thanks!

Excellent, I’ll definitely walk through a video for you tomorrow morning!

It’ll be cool. Have a good evening.

OMG! I forgot to do your video today. I promise if you remind me I won’t forget tomorrow :grin:
I got busy and it just passed my mind. Remind me tomorrow morning.

Gary! Are you still able to do this video? Thanks!

Hi there Natalie,

Whoa I thought you fixed everything after so long :grinning: Sure I don’t mind at all. You may need to refresh my memory if something has changed. Is the first thread still the same? Let me know specifically what’s needed.

Which page and section?

Oh no problem Gary, just had something come up in the mean time.
We are looking at having the Bootcamp Pro and Bootcamp Remote change.

The page is under Academy, then use the secondary navigation to get to Bootcamps

Here is the site again:

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