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i’m building a blog-type website and i have an issue with showing blog posts.
I’ve added filter, that shows 9 blog posts, and now i can’t realize, how to do the button “view more”, that is going to show 9 (for example) more posts, so i may click it and it would show 9 more posts on the same page adding them to previous ones until all blog posts are shown.

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At least write, should i wait for answer

Hey @Valik_Gray

Thanks for your post! Unfortunatelly we’re not supporting yet this kind of functionality… :/ Can I ask you to go to http://forum.webflow.com/c/wish-list and add your suggestion there?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Thank you Bart.

Yes. i will do it a bit later.

Thank you for your support, once again.

Hi @Valik_Gray,

I can suggest some workaround, but it has limitation

  1. Create div for latest posts. There you will add dynamic list, sorted by date from newest to oldest, limited from 1 to 9 (as example)
  2. Create next div and add same dynamic list, sorted in the same way BUT limited from 10 till 19
  3. You can create as much as 10 such divs, because of limitation: maximum 10 dynamic lists on one page.
    But I think you can adjust a quantity of items in every next block.

4)All divs, except 1st, should have initial appearance:
display: none, opacity: 0%

  1. At the bottom of every div add the button, which will activate interaction with click trigger

Interaction will contain 2 animations
-1- Trigger - click
Affect different element - here is class of next div
first click
1step= display: block
2step= opacity: 100%

-2- Trigger - click (this one will effect actually button)
first click
1step= opacity: 0%
2step= display: none

Not the perfect, but hope it will help somehow.


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I am in love with your support kind of thinking guys)

Thanks so much!

Best Regards.
І дуже дякую.

You are welcome :smiley: and… Навзаєм :wink:

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