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Need help with Scroll interaction - trouble shoot

Hello !

So I have a page wrapper with left and right sections using flex box.

There’s a bloglist link on top left corner ( for a menu to open up ).

Having tried just about everything - I can’t seem to find a way to hide the blogList link (on top Left corner) to show/hide on page scroll.

Am sure it’s a simple thing am missing.

would be good if someone could help.


here’s the link

Could you please update your post with read-only link, so we could help you faster :slight_smile:

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Here’s the link -

If you go to the blog Posts dynamic template - you can see various items on top

Apologies in advance for the titles - dummy ones for test :slight_smile:

What I’ve discovered so far -

  1. The scroll doesn’t work when I set the left/right section height to auto or 100vh. It did work when I tried height of 760-800 px.
    For mobile devices like phones, I’d like the navDiv (housing the blogList link) to appear only at top of left section and then disappear as I scroll. Repeat the same for the right section.
    This is challenging so far - I can only make one section work properly if I set the section height to a fixed value say 800px…

  2. What could be a good size for the banner pic for it to be visible on all devices ? If you notice the landscape view on mobile - it shrinks.

  3. Hover Interaction on BlogItemLink is also somewhat broken.
    Works the first time and it shows the blogItemInfoWrapper - upon click - opens the new blog post.
    But if one opens the side menu to reveal the blog list - the hover doesn’t work again.

Thanks in advance

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