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Hidden Scroll Nav Editing - Where to change text?

I’m trying to change the text links on the hidden scroll nav, but cannot figure out how to display it.
The solutions offered in the forum to others on the same issue didn’t seem to apply to my template. - Fly template.

Can someone take a look?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It is right inside of the scroll header element. You can get to this from the navigator pane. double click the scroll header then make it visible by clicking display block and then you can edit it. 27%20PM

Side note: I find it troublesome that template designers don’t link hidden headers to the visible one via a symbol. I do this on every one of my sites that has anything hidden.

Thank you DFink. The darn thing wouldn’t cooperate, so I decided to unlink it and delete it completely. But even that took a bit of research in the forum & videos. And what is a bit challenging (and should be an easy fix) is that there are outdated forum posts and tutorials out there – which you don’t realize are outdated until you notice the little details of the control panel or that a different term is being used.

Anyway, thanks for your help!