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[HELP] Sticky Navigation Not Editable in WebFlow...?


I recently purchased the Fly Template in WebFlow ( Its a great template, except for one small problem. The template features a special type of sticky header navigation, where when the website loads, the nav bar is static on top. But as soon as the user scrolls down, the top navigation bar transforms into a different design and sticks with the user, which is great. (Try the preview if you don’t know what I mean).

However, in the Webflow editor, I can edit the normal navigation text links on the blue original static header. However, in Webflow, when you scroll down, the header navigation doesn’t transform like it does in live, and therefore, I can’t edit the text in the sticky header. (I looked through the objects, and there are two types of navigation bars, “header” and “scroll-header.”

I looked through the export HTML snippet, and I could edit the text of the links if I could access HTML within Webflow. However, I can’t. I also don’t want to export the theme to some other host and edit the code on my local computer, as I plan to stick with Webflow.

I’ve emailed the designer of the template, but they haven’t responded for three days. I really hope someone here will be able to help me in fixing this and showing me how to edit the text of the navigation links in the scroll-header.

Awaiting help. Thanks in advance!

Hi, double click on the Scroll Nav symbol which has the green element. Then with the main element of that symbol selected, click the Display property to Block which will show the menu. The menu is hidden at first, so after making your changes, go back and then change the display to hidden (the X icon on the Display row in Style settings).

Does that answer your question? Cheers, Dave

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That worked. Thank you very much!!

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I also bought this theme and I’m wondering how you edit the “contact” pop up. When i click on the contact box via the navigation bar (all the way at the bottom). I see the items listed that I want to edit, but I can’t see them in the actual editing window.