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Editing Header / Navbar on scroll / where is the symbol?


I’m using the FLY template >

I’ve managed to edit the on load header / navbar, BUT for the life of me, I’m finding it hard to understand how to get to change the NavBar that shows up WHEN the user has scrolled.

Currently its still showing the default template graphic and nav hyperlinks.

Can someone show me a help file or tutorial or quick tips on how to get into editing it!

I understand and see that there are 2 symbols, ‘Header’ and ‘Scroll Header’ - and I see the # of instances, but once I start trying to edit the interactions, I can’t seem to get into this (how I envision it) 2nd menu visual (graphic & links)

#arrrghhh ;(

I wish each template came with the top 5 FAQ with a video to help us get through understanding these friction points. #stillLovingWebflow

Hi @clickryan, edit the scroll nav symbol, and then with the root element of that symbol selected, go to styles and check that the display is set to block… I think by default it is set to none. Then after editing your symbol, set the display back to None so the scroll nav appears as normal.

I hope that helps, Cheers !


Hello @clickryan

Im the author of Fly template, hope you have fixed the problem but if you buy a template you will find a Support message below the details.

and you can contact me or another author by a email and will be happy to help you for everything.


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Hi @Deni_1990

Thanks for reaching out. I’m still trying to get ahold of this, I’m trying to find the visuals Nav Header that I can edit, much like the WYSWYG visuals in the page for the existing header. But no luck.

I’ve managed to click through to the Symbols to the ‘Scroll Header’ (10 Instances) and can see it in the ‘Show Nav’ and in the last step, I can click ‘Preview’ and I see it, but for the life of me ;( I can’t wrap my brain around where I go in and edit out the FLY template graphics and make it mine?

I’ve attached a screenshot of as far as I got. What you see is what happened when I clicked on preview.

Pls help
Thanks Deni


Just replied to the mail!


Hi Man I m having the same issue any pointers please?

Hey @timmy

Take a look to video, hope this help!

Let me know,