Directed Wix dns to webflow but isn't working

I recently changed the DNS settings on the domain provider (WIX) to the A and CName records shown on the Webflow site in order to divert.

Everything seems to be connected… but when I visit the site, it directs to the original six site. I deleted the old DNS settings (making sure to screen shot them) so this shouldn’t be happening should it? Or should I wait 48 hours?
I’m just terrified of getting this wrong as it’s my first time re-directing a domain!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only:(Webflow - GEORGIA DALY FITNESS)

I understand I can’t show you everything, but the published settings are as follows… so should all be working fine…
Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 09.30.23

Hey Emma,

I just visited the URL of and it sent me to the new Webflow site:

I’d say that it’s likely that it’s just the DNS records still propagating and should resolve within 48 hours of the records being updated. It may just be a some cache in your Browser as well :smiling_face:

As long as you have the A Records and CNAME records set up as per Webflow’s recommendations you should be all good!

Their recommended records are as follows:
2 x A records:
Host set to @ → Value set to
Host set to @ → Value set to

1 x CNAME record:
Host set to www → Value set to

Just make sure all your old A/CNAME records from Wix are removed as well, since this may cause conflicts and strange behavior too :raised_hands:

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