DNS settings don't seem to work

Hi there, I have made DNS changes, but somehow the website is not showing. I hope somebody can tell me which changes are necessary to make it work.

Hereby my DNS settings from DirectAdmin, thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @jeronimus,

your settings seem to be correct, how much time has passed since you added the records?

Depending on your domain provider, the changes can take up to 24-48h before showing effect.
Most providers are quicker than that, but they all need some time to update the records.


Well, I have set TTL to 600 (seconds), so it should be. Also, before there was another temporary page there showing. This one is not showing anymore, which means the DNS changes have been applied.

Is it displaying any errors in Webflow’s project settings next to the domain names?

Also, did you set your default URL?

Btw: I’m just reading another article on your website: Connect your domain to Webflow | Webflow University → should I delete all other A records?

I guess there’s an error, but if I click on it, only thing that happens is…well nothing :slight_smile:

No, you can have other A records as long as they have no “@” as their name.

But seeing your screenshot, I recommend connecting your domain with a “www.” preceding it and seeing if this resolves everything. Note how Option 1 says “if you want this domain to redirect to www. …”.

Adding the domain with a www before, then hitting “Check Status” might help.

There’s a separate tutorial if you’d like to have your root domain as the default publishing page (so no www. before).