Hi all, kind of new here...quit my job to go into web design

Just joined the forum, and would like to say a big hello to everyone on here.

Im Jon, a designer from Bristol in the UK. I quit my job about a month ago to retrain in web design, coming more from the traditional backgrounds of print, typography, branding, illustrating etc.

In my previous job we had just started to use Webflow in the business for lighter marketing websites, leaving the developers to the more challenging stuff. I found much of my job was still being taken up with more traditional creative paths, yet I yearned to be working more on the digital side.

Having trained up in the basic form of webflow (about 10-20% knowledge), enjoying it so much that I decided to make a career change and become an expert in the software (lot of hard work ahead ha haa!!). Having only just scratched the service researching creative/technical capabilities of webflow, exciting times lie ahead.

Thanks for reading and any career advice would be much appreciated from anyone in the same boat, as Im still in the infancy of creating my path.



Hello Jon and welcome to your new life :smiley:

Did you already make/build a plan how to acquire/find new customers?

Congrats on making the jump! It can be scary but I’m glad you are willing to do more in life and learn new things.

If you have any questions, the Webflow community and staff are here to help.

Good luck and enjoy this your new journey :grin::+1:

Hi Deepshader,

Plan is quite rudimental at the moment, like build my portfolio site then update my CV, basically learning what I can do creatively with the platform. Im not looking to go freelance full time, this is more to help my job prospects in seeking employment. Digital agencies from what I here talking to friends in the field, have already, or are moving over to these types of platforms instead of using old traditional forms of front end design.

Im not adverse to freelancing, but dont think Im cut out for it in the longterm.

If you have any advice, like what else to learn/read up on i.e. UX/UI design, javascript etc, it would be much appreciated?

Hi @symboleyes

Welcome to the forum, I think your background will stand you in good stead designing for the web!

Here’s a few resources you might want to dive into:

I bought these books after @PixelGeek (Nelson) recommended them - a good way to understand code visually:

Tune in to Nelson’s fortnightly workshops on Tuesdays 10am (Pacific) - you’ll see a link here on the forum to view either by Crowdcast or Youtube: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/welcome-to-webflow/register

Both Nelson and @mistercreate (forum members - now also staff!) have their own Youtube channels too where you can see tips’n’tricks and site builds:

Also on Youtube - Webflow and UI/UX content from Robert Smith and @Ran_Segall
(Rob is releasing a UX course, and Ran a Webflow course - have a look at those too)

Ran Segall / aka Flux:

Not forgetting of course, all the Webflow content at university.webflow.com and tutorials via the blog at: https://webflow.com/category/tutorials

Hopefully that will keep you busy!! Shout here if you need any help :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jon! :wave:

Super excited and geeked for you! :webflow_heart:

I remember that feeling after the leap of faith - exhilarating and scary at the same time. :grin:

Know that we’re here for you, and I look forward to helping as best I can.

Big-up yourself Stu,
Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to post some links, its much appreciated.
Think Im already up on the flux vlog.

Thanks mate,
Yeah, just need to figure out how to best use my skillsets and tie them in with the platform, even if some results are pretty abstract, its all about trying to break things, right…and see what comes out the other end!!! :open_mouth:

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