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Hello from Sunny Ireland, I wish!

Hello Webflow,

Checking in from Belfast, Ireland here, hope all is well with everyone…very excited to be apart of the webflow commmunity. :+1:

quick back story about me & webflow - only if you want to read it, that is

So il start by saying…I’m not a designer or developer and I don’t really have a web background, at all, well not since I tried to learn code from a book 20 years ago, however, I always somehow felt I maybe could be a web designer or developer…or could I even possibly be both at the same time, batman managed ok, but family & work seemed to distract from that & I ended up training in accountancy. Not the most creative career but it has served me well as a business owner for twenty years.

Anyways fast forward, after years of tinkering with adobe software to do basic stuff n all. I then came across webflow 2 years ago and felt so eager that this is the missing link for me and got stuck in learning and do so much learning that I think I froze when it came to the doing part :exploding_head: As in when I had to start my own website for some reason I failed at making it look anything like a professional website. As sorrowful as it sounds my fellow webflowers I then took a decision to just freelance to a local WordPresser. He designed a good enough site but it was built on wordpress, nuf said!

Forgive for me short comings peeps but it was also because of time constraints etc and I just had another baby girl that would make it two under two, told myself I just didnt have the time to do webflow as well as everything else (Also imposter syndrome set in, not a developer, not a designer self talk)! Now we’re a year on and ive battled enough with my own thoughts & emotions of how much better my freelance wordpress website could be if it was a self built webflow masterpiece, and I here I am once again knocking on the door!!

I jumped back in a few weeks ago and things are really starting to click now, im excited about how confident I am to do a new site for our family slush brand here in Ireland. Also, I never reached out to the community before I just rushed in with no plan and tried to start with a fancy animated header and got lost & frustrated and wordpressed!!! No more peeps it’s a webflow way of life for me from now on. I am absolutely determined to build my own site in webflow this time around and will not stop until I do. Midnight oil here I come…reaching out to any fello webflowers that can relate, any help & advice is much appreciated & welcome!

For anyone who interested in the Slush Brand I started its called Slush Monkeys

Our current wordpress website, that’s very much lacking in slick SEO amongst other aspects is: - please wait around for it to load :confounded:

PS Since I came back over to the webflow way of life, I now see lottie integration has been added, thank you webflow, much love, glad to be back!