Jjhiller from wisconsin here. greetings group!

Greetings Webflow Community,

I’m JJ, a full-time Content Marketer and part-time UX Copwriter / Entrepreneur - And Webflow has been on my Doppler Radar for roughly the last two years.

I recently took the plunge (it was a litmus test) and finally signed up for an account. What can I say as someone that is capable of building responsive websites from scratch?

Well… I’m here aren’t I?

The Webflow platform has caught my attention and now I have been recommending it to some of my other former classmates; because I believe Webflow is a great application to not only learn how to code, but code better.

As I’m about to finish up a client project for a small team of entrepreneurs that initially hired me to write conversion copy and email sequences, they saw a new Webflow as if it was still in its infancy.

I suppose there are several more bragging rights that I can attribute to the magic behind Webflow, but I have yet to discover more of the smoke and hidden mirrors. Integrating FontAwesome’s branded font library is only just one of several tricks I’m sure - I can thank the forum for that one.

All in all, that’s why I’m here - To level-up and take my UX Copywriting to new heights.

Thanks for having me!