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Need advice on my design

I have this design here:

I was wondering if I can get any tips on how to improve it. All criticisms are welcome, I am trying to make a modern looking site while having it simplistic and nature theme. These are just the first 3 sections of the home page and I would like to know of any graphic design mistakes I am making before I proceed with the rest of the website.

Hello :slight_smile:

Firstly, the design is lovely!

Just a couple of things I noticed:

  • Maybe try to drop the size of the text in your navigation - just slightly. And then have them align to the middle of the logo (at the moment it seems that it’s unbalanced - if that makes sense). You could also try it in lowercase - I feel that could work really well.

  • I would also add a little more space between images blocks - at the moment it almost looks like one big picture. I see you’re using a lot of rounded corners (logo, buttons - and the font is quite rounded and soft) - perhaps you could try slightly rounded corners for the images too?

  • The body copy under ‘HOW WE MADE IT HAPPEN’ could be left-aligned. I feel it is a lot of text to have center aligned. Will also work well as there is an image that it will align with on the left. You could also make the text colour a slightly lighter grey - something lighter than the headings but darker than the subheading in the first section :slight_smile:

  • You could try adding a rounded shape - something with colour - behind the image in section 2. There is a lot of fun to be head here - like what you have going on in sections 1 & 3.

  • I would try and include bullet points next to the points within each of the 3 methods. I would suggest keeping buttons looking similar throughout - it’s good to keep consistency throughout your site. So either, keeping the colour similar or at least keeping the shape of the button the same.

  • Also, maybe try working with an off white background - like a super light grey :slight_smile:

  • I wasn’t sure how I could explain this last point, so I am including an image. I think shaping out the options in section 3 could be a stronger way of separating them.


I really do hope these points are helpful :slight_smile: If something doesn’t make sense, then just shout.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I made the changes and they look much better.

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Can you check out my updated design? I made your changes and added a lot of box shadows to text areas to make text stand out. I am concerned a bit that the main hero section on the first page looks too simple.

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AMAZING! I love how it’s all coming together. It’s looking really good :slight_smile:

A couple more suggestions:

  • For the header section, I would remove the drop shadow and add a yellow or blue circle behind the plant (similar to what you did in the second section - which I love). But maybe make it a little smaller, since the plant image isn’t too big.

  • Another option would be to work with a background colour for the header section - it could brighten it up a bit, and would be an exciting opening for viewers. I think test both options, however, I feel the pop of colour behind the plant could be good :slight_smile:

  • I would also drop the word ‘at’ so it sits below ‘self-sufficiency’ - which will balance out the 2 lines. And then I would combine the 2 sections of text below so that you have a heading and a description.

  • I would suggest making the longer pieces of text shorter. I feel the amount of text is a little overwhelming. Content should be easy to read through and digest. There should be some information about each section, but leave some content for the ‘Tell me more’ and ‘Show me more’ on other pages.

  • With the text, I would say to keep the headings left-aligned if the text below is also left-aligned. And with the images, I would keep the consistency of the rounded corners throughout.

Loving the colour palette as a whole, and especially how you’re using it in section 3. I enjoy the drop shadow here. But maybe it isn’t necessary for all sections? Perhaps I would feel differently if the sections of text were shorter. But this is just a personal preference thing :slight_smile: I think it all looks great - I am just giving my honest opinion.