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Hero image overlapping in slider


I have a hero image in a hero slider that is overlapping on the right side. As far as I know all the images are set to the same size and everything else is auto. Can someone help with this. :slight_smile:

Here is the screenshare:

Thank you!


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Hi Teresa,

are you still experiencing this issue?
I wasn’t able to replicate it when viewing in preview mode, or on the published site?
(I viewed on a 15" Laptop screen - perhaps a larger screen size will show the issue?)


Hi, Teresa! I found your problem.
So you have the image container “white div” set to “relative” for position as you can see in the image below… but also notice that you have “top” set to “-70px”. Where I circled in the photo. Just set it back to 0.

Let me know if that helped! :grin: