"Background Image" written over slider image

I’ve built a slider on my site. At the 1920px and up view in the editor this overlay “background image” is showing. Also shows on preview.

I assumed the image was too small but it’s 1230x768 which is pretty large, plus all the other images without the text overlay show. I think it is something to do with the mask.

Even if I delete the first slide with the content overlay, the “background image” copy shows around the edges of the slides at this resolution. Any solutions out there?

Tried matching the slider size to the image size.

It’s fine on all other resolutions.

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Hi @Sheridan_Dickson, welcome to the Webflow forum.

I read about your issue, it should be that you’ve tried applying Gradient style and left it as it is. That overlay is just the default gradient style when you go to apply Gradient style first.

So just go to the Gradient setting the reset/remove that, please check the screenshot.