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Problem with z-index in slider

Hi all,

I´m having some stupid bug that i cannot cross.

I have a slider with 400px height and a imagine inside that is 500px height.

I want this:

But the slider is doing this:

The problem is the image is not shooing the rest of the 100px image. Is always making crop.
The logic is very simple, z-index position, but i have trying all kinds of z-index on the image and the slider, but the slider continues to crop my image.



Put it your iPhone image in here"

I did this one on the website for SpotnightApp:

yep, it work if you want the image to be fixed, but i want it to be an element of the slider, i want it to slide and not be fixed.

Okay, listen… Create a slider with the size of the black block you have on your images. Set its position: relative; Then create a div block (gray color) with height: 80%; width: 100%; Set it to position: absolute; and top: 50%; Go to transform panel and set it to move -50% up. Now create a container in which you will hold the iPhone.

Hum… strange result.

Check here.
This div block you are saying (in the example is red) is inside the first slide?

You have forgotten about this one too:

Nothing like a real example, tks dude !