Fixed Image over Slider

Hey Guys,

I am trying hard to achieve a fixed image staying only in the first section bottom right corner. For some reason I am not able to figure out how its done. I really would be very grateful if someone could enlighten me what kind of logical error I am in .

here is a example of my task . Also you can see that my sections are overlapping on various breakpoints because of it.

hope anyone can help me .

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Hello @djxandertangel,

Wellcome to the community. The problem is that your div block 150 is set the way you want but relative to the body.
To fix that go to your home hero section and set that section to relative
so now you should have the div block 150 like this
Please let me know if that works.

hi Pablo thx that does fix my first problem but still section about is overlapped by the hero above - any clue what happened there ??

Hey @djxandertangel, is because your H1 heading 27 has a -450 marging on top
reduce that on mobile and it will fix your overlapping problem. I hope this helps.

Awesome Pablo, you did it again. sorry again but I am relative new here - so I might have a lot of stupid questions - and thx for the warm welcome :wink:

No problem at all @djxandertangel, Iā€™m glad I was able to help you. Do you mind marking the issue as solved, that way people with similar problems can reference this conversation. Thanks.

Of Course not mate, thx a Lot

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