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Hero Container inside Section / when I delete Container, the Section vanishes

Before I delete the whole Section & create a new section, I’d like to try fix it first. (new to webflow)

I want to delete the Container as I said, but when I do, the whole page vanishes.

Is there a way around this?



Hi @ecweb, welcome to Webflow.

This sounds very strange, the whole page should definitely not vanish when you delete a container :wink:

Can you please provide us with the url to your webflow site? We will try to reproduce the issue on our side, and see about pushing a fix.


Hi Dan, thanks, how do I send it privately?

If you click on my forums profile, you can send it via Private Message. Thanks.

I clicked on your profile Dan, but don’t see where to send msg, still looking, thx

thanks for trying danro, seems no-one here seems to be able to help with this Private Message thing as well

I told you how to send a private message and @Diu responded to you with a screenshot to find the private message. Click my icon and you will see a blue private message button.

I don’t see that icon for PMs on a Profile, I saw the screenshot diu sent, nada - tried with Chrome & Firefox, thanks again, will try again

clicked you icon, don’t see that blue button, and I don’t want to contact Support because last time I did, I had to wait 3 days for a response, so now I’m considering SS after my account ends here

if you activate your public link we can handle it that way. I am on Chrome and I have a private message button when I click a person’s icon or go to their profile. I have no clue why it wouldn’t be there for you.

Maybe because it’s only there fore people with higher user role or webflow level?

Just a guess.

hi Diu, perhaps, I’m fairly new here so maybe that’s why. thx for you time & help 'tho

Thanks for the replies, folks. We’ve resolved this request over PM… all is well. :thumbsup: