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Can't create an author section!

I’ve been beating my head for the last 30 minutes and can NOT figure out why WebFlow is acting so idiotic.

I create a section.
I create a container.
I add a picture.
I choose ‘from blog’
I choose ‘author/picture’
and the image does NOT show, and the element kinda goes to some weird top, left corner for no apparent reason.

I’ve deleted the section, and recreated it. I’ve deleted the author and recreated it and this behaviour is persistent.

(Ugh, now the forum won’t complete the GIF upload…so here’s the link to it.)

Here is my public share link: LINK


So you’re targetting “the author of the post” for the picture.

The section, container and picture elements are acting weird because they have no dimension.

They have no dimension (especially height) because they have no content.

They have no content because the picture doesn’t show up.

The picture doesn’t show up because there is no author designed for this post (the only published post).

So to fix all this chain of behaviors, edit your post and where you’re supposed to chose an author for it, unfold the list and select your author DragonDon. Now back to the template, the picture is there where it should be.

The gif is too big for the forum limits. For screencasts prefer using videos, it’s better quality at a fraction of the weight.

When elements appear as a thin line, or as a dot in the upper left corner, it’s because they have no content, hence no dimension, hence no “existence” in HTML. The browser acknowledges their presence and Webflow shows their bounding box where HTML “place” them, at the default position, the origin of the browser. I find it to be a good depiction of what really happens, technically :slight_smile:

Thanks Vincent. What a strange thing to forget and then to see such a seemingly disconnected effect. Will definitely keep this info handy for the next time.

Considering that I got it to work on another site I’m working on, was totally baffled why the ‘same thing’ wasn’t working here. Heh.

Thanks again.

Somehow when you deleted/recreated your author the connection with the post got lost. Because the author info in the post is mandatory and should have been there, but it wasn’t.

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