Elements crashing/not in their proper sections

It seems I’ve done something horribly wrong and when I place an element within a container, it doens’t go within it’s container.

This page: http://einclick.webflow.io/services/mergers-acquisitions#slider-section

At the bottom you will see a bunch of problems.

First: The Footer text is not within the footer. As far as I know, I’ve not defined any classes that would make the columns bigger than the container they are in, so kinda confused why a container within a section is larger than the section.

Tried putting it in a Div block, no change to location of the footer text.

Also, that ‘top of page’ section should be in the section above it, instead it seems to be ‘hanging below’ the section. I had set the position to ‘relative’. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that relative meant ‘relative to the container it is in’. Because that first section has an interaction ‘v’ in it and that’s working but this ‘top of page’ one seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/einclick?preview=66d86a2f153450d4e0429baf04714cf4

Yeah…it’s monday…

sorry… unsure what you mean. Your footer has a bottom margin of 30px plus it doesn’t stick to the bottom (obviously optional). The footer text (mobile phone footer) is in the footer section.

Do you want the footer section to span the page or the center area.

If you want only the center area - use a container inside the footer section and place the footer in there.

again. I need a further description of the issue. for me to understand.

I must be doing really bad today… because I don’t see a “top of page” section.

btw - your teaser section has 2 containers. One for the h1 - the other for the services column.

whats the “blank section” for ? are you trying to create a buffer at the top ?

monday ? It’s wednesday here on mars. where are you ? :smile:

ok, I’ll reply in sections because it’ll be easier to hash out the issues separately I think.


First, my structure is this:


  • Container
    – Row
    — column 1
    — column 2
    ------ text

Why is the text not inside the footer section? It shouldn’t matter what the bottom margin in, I’ve placed the text inside a column, inside a container, inside a section. Correct me if I’m wrong, but unless I modify anything BUT the container, all spacing should be relative to the container should it not?

That being said, The text has 0 margins/paddings with auto-position. The columns have default 0 margins/paddings with auto-position. The Row has default 0 margins/paddings with auto-position. The Container has default 0 margins/paddings with auto-position(I removed the bottom margin just to check) and nothing changed.

I have only looked at the Desktop version and it looks like this.

The only thing that I can see is that for some reason, the Row is larger than the section.

I tried putting the columns in a Div block, no change.

When I change my Footer higher to Auto, that then fills the whole bottom.

I just want the Footer to be 50px high. How do I accomplish this?

My bad, it’s not a ‘section’, I meant to call it an element. It’s this thing that is sitting on the bottom of the page(should be sitting on the bottom of the teaser section)


I’ve set that position ‘relative’ to bottom/right. Does not ‘relative’ mean 'relative to the sectio’n it is within? Because when I used the exact same option for another text link on the same page, it stays within it’s own section.

Umm, H1? Are you looking at the right page? http://einclick.webflow.io/services/mergers-acquisitions . I don’t have an H1 there used at all.

Yes. I needed to push down the ‘first section’ as well as have an in-page link to ‘top’. I found that if I just linked to the first section, it wouldn’t show the whole nav-bar. It was a bit ago so can’t recall exactly what the details were but this was the only solution where I could name a place on the page and be able to link to it and have everything line up nicely while retaining a floating menu.

On the 3rd vibrational plane of the Great Halabaloo of course. Where else would I be? :smiley:

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