Help with Webflow Memberships - How to create subscribe page?

Hey everyone currently working on a Webflow Membership site where the client offers a one time payment for users to subscribe to an access are with videos

I’ve got everything set up but the only part I’m stuck on is how do I create the actual page where users would purchase the subscription?

Does this need to just all be done on the product page? Would it just follow the same process as any other product? How do they then sign up after purchasing?

Also what happens if someone goes to the sign up page and signs up for an account? Do they automatically get access to this paid membership?

If anyone has some insight here or a guide that would be much appreciated I couldn’t find anything specific on this browsing YouTube and this is my first time using Webflow memberships

Yes at present it looks like all membership purchases are handled in Commerce as “membership” type products.

For example if you look at the Writeology free template, it uses both Memberships & Commerce, and the purchase page is a product page;

They’ve also created a static page at /subscribe, which in could be used to detail the different subscription options and plans with links directly to the product pages for purchase.

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Hi @franzruggiero :wave:

Webflow Memberships is broken up into 2 distinct versions.

  1. free
  2. paid

The paid version is when using Webflow’s ecommerce solution to collect payments and integrate that with your Membership site. That said, you can use this version and open it up to free users (without requiring a credit card), too.

The free version is everything else.

That said, you’re not limited to only those 2 versions.

There’s no reason why you can’t use the free version and integrate something like a Stripe Payment Link (which gives you the purchase screen you’re looking for) into it.

In fact… doing this with Webflow in general is a common approach and works well with Webhooks & APIs.

Hope that helps!

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thank you for your response seeing the template really helped

thanks for your reply Chris :slight_smile:

So this is where i need help and please help me lol. I am trying to create a site where you sign up>pay for membership (subscription)>login>access paid (restricted) page but i am stuck. I cannot find a way to make this happen. I am able to create the subscription on e-commerce. I am able to create the restrictions, sign up and login with membership. But i am unable to link them all together to flow the way i want it to. Please help.

You have a lot of limitations if you use Webflow Memberships at the moment. You’ll need to use it the way they’ve currently set it up. If you need more flexibility, for now, give Memberstack a try.

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Yeah it’s a learning curve. This video might help you:

Btw, If you’re interested, I’m currently beta testing a solution for including a short script in the hiding it for visitors and showing a login/subscribe page for those not connected.

Happy to help.