Membership Beta Subscription Add to cart Signs up but no payment

I want a flow from the “Subscribe Now” button to payment but even though it’s a paid membership it allows members to sign up for free…

**How it should work: **
- User selects subscribe from the product CMS
- User Pays at checkout
- User verifies email afterward.

This is how it works now.

  • User selects subscribe from the product CMS
  • Sign up and verify email without paying
  • Back to home page but now shows log out button.

How do I get this outcome?

Hi @Justin_Comstock :wave: welcome!

You really can’t, right now at least.

This has been a pain point for a lot of folks and the Memberships team is definitely aware of it, but it’s not a userflow available at the moment.

If you dig back into your invitation email for Memberships there should be an invite to their Beta community where you can track any updates for this. If you can’t find it, just email Webflow support and they can get you one.

Is there not a way for me to at least simulate them adding to cart via code or something?

I tried redirecting them to checkout but the reference to the plan they selected doesn’t get added so it’s an empty checkout unless I simulate the Buy Now Button.

I’m not sure about the ecommerce version of Memberships, but I can say with the non-ecomm version that Webflow is manually adding a redirect url param, in the url for us. I’ve been able to hijack that and redirect folks where I want them. Not sure if you’d be able to do that on the ecommerce side, but that’s about my only thought.