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Looking for immediate help on this site!

Webflow is a lot harder to use than just hand coding it all by hand. I have never in my 7 years coding had so much trouble building a website. This is my first experience with this type of platform and its been nothing but negative so far! I cant get any of my styles to match up on mobile whatsoever. And doing simple things such as positioning elements is more tedious than just hand coding. Please help, there are over a dozen things I need done to my site for it to be finished! I actually just need help with the homepage and thats it. This homepage has so many custom elements that I have no idea where to even start. If this was a text editor and I was hand coding, none of this would be a problem but Ive already started here so I have to finish here due to timeline restraints. Here is my URL:

Hey @gschultz!

I’ve been a coder myself for many years as well so we’re on the same base :) What programming language have you been mostly using those past 7 years? When I first started using Webflow I had some troubles with changing my mind from code-world to visual-world. I’ve found a great way of changing my thinking.

For any element I had troubles with while positioning it in Webflow I’ve hand-coded in Sublime (or any other text editor) both HTML and CSS and then started to create that code with Webflow. That was something that helped me switch my mind to more visual-oriented building of website in less than a week!

Getting back to your post - I don’t understand what kind of help do you exactly want. There seems to be no question asked in there. Is there any particular design you’d like to achieve?

yes @bart I have psd’s for both desktop view and mobile view and I have a background with fullscale node/angular apps. Never really spent much time on brochure websites before this.

Can you post specific image/part of a website you want to achieve here?

@gschultz I think you want to know how to make full screen stuff in Webflow [based on your previous questions] and have it be the same through out all different monitors, to do this try to switch to all VW and VH [EM for text] related measurements, that way all the Text, and Div sizes adjust to every monitor beautifully. I switched to the new measurements about 2 weeks ago and now I don’t find Webflow difficult measurement wise any longer, all the measurements adjust automatically every screen size. Hope this helps, reply with any questions if you need further help…


It seems you are having a lot of problems with Webflow. May I ask, if you have a lot of experience hand coding, why did you choose Webflow if it isn’t making your life easier? I apologize that you are having issues building your site. If you are having trouble understanding how Webflow parameters work, everything you need to know is available on the courses videos, the youtube channel and the help documents. Like any professional program, Webflow has a learning curve and takes a decent amount of invested time to learn the tool. That being said, if you are looking for a quick fix to get your site up and having it look great, I suggest looking into some alternatives like squarespace to help you get up and running quicker. Good luck!

Webflow is a professional tool and like @DFink mentioned is going to take time to get well acclimated to using…it’s really worth it though. Other tools like squarespace aren’t going to give you the flexibility of design like Webflow does. If you are in a hurry you could try starting with one of the free Webflow templates as several of them have basic sections setup and then you could tweak them a bit.

Hope you find a good solution.