Help with Static vs. Dynamic Pages // SEO

There are a few challenges that I may run into with a limitation of only having 100 static pages. I am coming over from Adobe Muse and built a site that has roughly 350 pages to date. I have 8-9 master pages that all other pages are built from. Many of my product pages rank organically at the very top of Google for the SF Bay Area and I do not want to lose the rankings. Will the Dynamic Pages hurt SEO?


Without a review of you current site structure one can guess. I will say that “dynamic pages” with Webflow are not truly dynamic. Yes the come from collections, and from your data entry in to them, however they are served as static resources as far as Google is concerned.

Overall Webflow sites can present much cleaner code than any Muse site easily. I can say that I have been doing optimization since the early days of Google, and have had no issues with sites migrated from other systems. I helped I new client off Muse recently, with almost no changes to the content, the site organic traffic was up 300% just from the revised site structure, layout (better engagement) and semantic code. Look at the source code of a Muse site. Scary.

If you depend on SE traffic for business, a deep analysis is in order before making changes. There are a lot of things that need to be addressed when moving sites to different platforms. Structure, tags, content, mobile first indexing, page rank sculpting, etc… Make a list of things that are important and research them.

I have no issues recommending Webflow as a base for a solid SEO website.


Just launched site. CMS pages do not work with current top ranked website pages on Google. Input 301 redirects to CMS specific pages and it’s not reading.

Webflow redirects kick in when after you add them, then publish the site. If you wan’t help provide an example. A screenshot would do the trick.

I disconnected the site for now. I uploaded about 1 dozen highly trafficked landing pages and pointed them to the corresponding CMS landing page. Published, and tested…received a page is not found alert.

maybe the question is if you can even redirect to a CMS landing page???

or does it only work with static pages? If so, this is not good.

Have you studied how to use redirects with Webflow?

Like I said, a screenshot would be helpful. Examples of OLD URL and NEW DESTINATION.

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