Redirect old landing pages to CMS Pages using 301 Re-directs? HELP!


I made a website for a garage door company, used CMS pages for their hundreds of
landing pages, is it possible to use 301 re-directs to redirect old landing pages to
the new ones made with CMS? Appreciate any help Thank You!

I suggest you review the university page on redirects.

I guess the real question is … Since the CMS Pages are “Dynamic” and don’t have a URL that is “static”, will the 301 be able to transfer the hundreds of old landing pages to the new “Dynamic” CMS Page?? Thank you for your help!

If you know the value of the old path and the new path; no problem. Add as many as you need.

If you can use patterns; then that saves some steps.

Hard to give you any more specifics since you have not shared any examples.

I normally work from a database or spreadsheet to make my lists, then go through them and mark them off when adding redirects. It is a manual process, but only needs to be done once.

Thank you for the response.

I completed a spreadsheet with over 1000 current/old landing page slugs/url’s and then matched them to the correct Webflow CMS dynamic page slug in the next column. It is definitely manual and time consuming, but I did exactly as you have advised and none of the CMS dynamic pages are coming up when clicking on the current/old landing pages that rank at the top of Google in our industry.

Share some and I will try to help you. You can PM me if you don’t want the info public. If you don’t share then good luck. I can’t assist you further.