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Redirecting Pages within Same Project

I have a business website that was originally built with regular pages then after a year, CMS collection pages were added for city searching purposes.
All 5 or 6 original pages have already been indexed via Google and are sitting high on the ranks. Problem is, those pages are no longer valid in terms of information. I want to have all of those original pages redirected to another page within the project so the ranking stays but the page itself updates when clicked.

I have tried the 303 Redirects but because those 6 pages are within the project already, it gives me an error. How can I redirect these without removing or unpublishing them?


You need to set 301 redirects and you can do that within a Webflow site’s settings, on the Hosting panel.

You don’t need to keep the old page, you can get rid of it entirely. But once the 301 redirect set, the old URL will serve your new page, with a different URL. And the SEO juice for the old page will be preserved while the new page gathers its own ranking.

Sorry, I did mean 301. If I delete the pages, won’t that completely erase the entirety of the content & rankings? They are doing very well in Google searchability so I’m a little worried about removing them.

If you do a 301 redirect you are telling visitors and bots that the redirected URL has been permanently moved.

Change page URLs with 301 redirects | Google Search Central

Thank you for the response, unfortunately I am unsure of how that portion works.
Should I be redirecting these pages through my domain host (Go Daddy) or through Webflow itself?

I tested the original idea of deleting a page and having it redirect, which works great but I’m worried once Google gets to indexing it, all the SEO of the original page will disappear. Is this the case or will it forever stay as long as the link is redirected?

Sorry this is confusing to me as I can’t get it to work properly.