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Need help with a Template

Can someone help me modify the form that appears when you click the contact button at the bottom. I want to change the email and phone and address.
The url is
Click here for link

I meant to say I just need instructions on how to do that.


Hi @UseWeb02, thanks for your post. Could you help to Share your project’s read-only link ?

That will help us to take a look

Thanks in advance

Here is the link:


You just need to set the display of the hidden element to block. It is hidden and hard to edit hidden elements.

I just want to edit the fields in the form. The form pops up when someone click on contact button. I understand it is a symbol but cannot figure out the location of these field in the navigator.

Here is the direct link

Hey @UseWeb02,

The element you’d need to set to 'Display:block is the ‘Footer’ symbol as you can see in this screenshot:

After editing, set the display back to ‘none’ to make sure the Interaction keeps working as expected.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: