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Popup Email Contact Form

Need help emulating the email interaction as seen in Box’s web template. Anyone know how to do this?

Hi @jamesntensibe, thanks for your post. I can take a look for you, is this the template you are referring to?

and this form when a user clicks on the email symbol?:

Cheers, Dave

Thats the one! How do i that? Could you help me out if i send a link to my post?

Hi of course @jamesntensibe, I am happy to assist :slight_smile: If you feel more comfortable to PM me the info, you can do so by clicking on my profile pic and then click Private Message. I am here to help :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

I’m really struggling implementing the email interaction to the ‘feedback’ and ‘contact us’ text could you help?

Hi @jamesntensibe, This demo may be helpful:

Page Title: Pop-up Contact Form
Located in the Forms folder in the site page navigation.

There are three interactions:

The first interaction is set on the pcf-contact-wrapper div, which is the contact form, named “Hide Pop-up Contact Form on Load” which hides the contact form at load.

The second interaction is on the button, named “Show Pop-up Contact Form”, which displays the contact form.

The Third interaction is on the close link, named “Hide Pop-up Contact Form” which hides the contact form when the close link is clicked.

The contact form itself is using fixed positioning, with an anchor 20 pixels Right and 80px from the bottom of the page.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to further assist.

Cheers, Dave

I can’t view the demo. It says access forbidden

Hi sorry about that, looks like the link changed. I have updated that. Cheers, Dave

Dave is there anyway you can do it for me? it’s been 4 days and still nothing. Haven’t heard from you and the links haven’t been updated. Feel like giving up on the whole thing.

Hi @jamesntensibe, I am sorry for the delayed reply. Did you try the updated demokit link? That was updated, you should be able to access the demokit site using that link. If you still cannot let me know and I am happy to take a look. One thing you might do, is to setup a public site, with a test layout that you want to work on, and then I can make a quick video to how how you would setup that interaction in that test site.

Cheers, Dave