Custom form submission from Webflow to external CRM?

Hi there,

I’d like to hook up form submissions from Webflow to an external CRM that will store this data. Effectively on our contact us page, the questions will all populate into an external CRM once submitted.

my CRM provider said this is possible in two ways:

  1. You can embed our forms as a simple iframe into your website.
  2. If you wanted to use your own form this would be possible. It’s a very simple POST request to our API server that you would submit with a json object containing the relevant information to create a project.

Are of the two above possible in Webflow?

Thanks for the help

Hi Dmitri,

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  1. You can do embed a form into your Webflow site using an HTML embed element, more on this here: Custom code | Webflow University

  2. This can be done by using the form action URL provided to you by your CRM, you can see an example of how this works with Mailchimp here (you’ll just need to tweak it to your CRM service): MailChimp form Integration | Webflow University

  3. You could also do this using an automation service like Zapier or Make - just search for your CRM to see if there’s an integration set up already.

Hope this helps!

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