Help styling Rich Text Block Quote

I can’t style the block quotes for the blog. It just puts the quote in but no options available to style the text. Any ideas?

In order to style a sub element of a RT, you need to be able to select it directly. But you can’t do that with a RT that is linked to the CMS already. So :slight_smile:

  1. select your RT in your blog template page
  2. duplicate it, unlink the duplicate from the CMS: it’s back with its default, dummy content
  3. transform a paragraph of it into a block quote
  4. unselect the RT, select the blockquote directly
  5. click on the selector field, click on All Block Quotes
  6. click on the blue button underneath, Limit to Rich text Block 2 class
  7. style your block quote element as you want, and notice that the styles are also applied to the blockquote you have in your still linked to the CMS RT element

  1. once the styling done you can delete the duplicate of the RT

Thank you so much my man, there was no way on God’s green Earth I was gonna figure that one out alone!

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Yeeeah Vincent,

thanks for this helpful tip. I searched and searched and searched to to this in webflow. :slight_smile:

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Can I do the same with a list item?

Hi does this solution still work? I’m trying to do the exact same thing but I’m unable to transform the paragraph into block quote. Can you guide me on how to achieve that?


Select the text and click on this?

Hi Vincent, thanks for replying

I am not able to select the text. This could likely be because I’m using a template.
This is the template I’m using:

Do you have a solution around this?

Thank goodness the solution is now is much simpler than this.

Make sure your RTE (rich text element) has a class.
Unlink the rich text element from the CMS.
Double click a paragraph and turn it into a block quote.
Click the selector to make sure you are styling all blockquotes in a RTE.
Relink the the RTE to the CMS and your styles will be applied to any blockquotes you have.