Styling Rich Text From CMS

Hi Gang

I know that this question has been asked before - but I can not get it to work.
What i want to do is to be able to style the rich text coming in from a CMS but I can not select any of the blocks inside it. When I drop in the place holder that all works fine : (
This is driving me mad - please help.

Here is the link - the top RTF is mine The one below is the place holder.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi - thanks for getting back to me and for your help. I see what you filmed works but only if i style the same elements that are in the sample text - what if I want to style the block quote for example?

Maybe i am missing something - but on the Webflow videos they are not styling the sample text.??

@Dan_Billingham you’re actually able to add content to the rich text block once it’s disconnected from a collection field. This took me a while to realize as well. Just click somewhere inside the RTE and add a block quote or a different header from the sample text. That way you can style any element within an RTE

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