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List items and block quote font colors not changing within rich text block

I’m trying to change all of the text color within a rich text block from black to green. I’ve managed to change the main body text within the rich text block to green by temporarily unlinking the block from the post content in the CMS so that I can adjust the styling. However, the bullet list items and the block quote color is not changing, and remains the original black after editing the block. How do you access and change these inner text elements within the rich text block? I don’t see a way to ‘drill down’ in the style tags tree. Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: Ok, I think I figured out. So you have to manually add a ‘fake’ blockquote and unordered list element inside the rich text block, THEN style that fake element, just to get the actual block quotes and lists to change in the actual rich text block where your content is? This seems really complicated and unintuitive, but maybe I am going about it wrong. In any case, the end result is what I needed.

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This article covers a lot of what you’re trying to achieve, scroll to the Advanced styling section to find more about this: