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How to style a link inside of a CMS Rich Text element?

Is it possible to stylize links created in Rich Text? For example, I have added a Rich Text field in my CMS that will change for each project but that essentially says “Watch video on Website X” or “Watch video on Website Y.” And I’ve added links to that text and the links work. So far so good. However, I’d like to stylize these links so that they don’t have underlines or turn purple if previously clicked. Is this possible?

Or am I going about this all wrong?

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Yes, but you got to style it in a non-CMS RT. Don’t ask me why.

Drag a new RT, give it the same class as your cms RT. Make a link inside, anywhere on anything. Unselect the RT. Click on the link to directly select it. Click on the selector field and select the “All links” option. Immediately behind, now click on “Limit to… name of the class you added to the RT”.

Now style the link and you should see the link in the CMS RT be styled along. You can then delete the RT you created just to style the link.


This worked! Many thanks for your help.

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Hi Vincent/all, Your solution looks like it would fix my issue, but I’m struggling with the step;

“Immediately behind, now click on “Limit to… name of the class you added to the RT”

I cannot find the feature in the interface to “Limit too” and the only other reference I can find to it online is in another of your posts. i.e. "5. click just below on what just appeared: “limit to content of “classname” (class of your rt)”

Can you / anyone provide any further details to help me with this step?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


You saved my life man. Respect :slight_smile:

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