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Help removing dropdown effect from nav bar (link shared)

Hi everyone! I am very curious how to remove the dropdown effect when I try to add a link to my nav bar.

For example, I try to link my ‘About’ page to the ‘WHY UHM’ button in my nav bar, but it instead creates a separate dropdown box the user will have to inconveniently click. (See below)

I am instead trying to make it so the user can just click the ‘WHY UHM’ button and directly be taken to my ‘About’ page, with no separate dropdown link. Please help! Thanks!

Here is my public share link:
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Hi Chris,

It seems that you need to replace the dropdown with a normal link.

With the ‘dropdown’ element selected, hit the delete key to remove it.
You’ll see that the WHY UHM text is gone, but that’s ok.

Now simply duplicate the first item in the navigation, and change it’s name/url to match the old link you removed.

Hi Alex,
when you say “duplicate the first item in the navigation” what is the item you are referring to? a ‘dropdown’ or a ‘nav menu’?

I tried to follow your instructions, but did not get the needed results (it just remade another ‘dropdown’ element):


Hmm, strange.

Try removing the dropdown element altogether (it should be nested under List Item)

After removing it, from the left side menu, add a Text Link element. It should be inside List Item.

Hope this helps!

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this did it thanks!!!