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Drop Down Help Needed

Hi… I’m trying to do dropdown sub navigation. Here is the link:

So when my mous hovers the “solution” link I have a drop down that slides from the top. But I can’t get the dropdown stay when I hover over the links in it. What should I do?

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, yeah I have had this issue. Rethink the div structure so that the drop down menu content is within the same div as the one with the hover animation. This way the you have to move the mouse outside the button and the menu items before the menu contracts. Make sense?

This tutorial goes over the basic way I touch on above

This Mega menu uses a different approach with an absolute positioned menu item wrapper that is shown on hover. a full page overlay that triggers the menu close.

Hi tried the tutorial… received the same problem… I need thin on hover. Hover in the drop down shows, hover out dissapears. This is works good. But dropdown menu doesn’t stay if I want to click on the link that is is it. Please help someone…

This is the prevew:

Can you please show me how would you stracture that? It makes sense, but still confused. Pulling my hair out… Thanks

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