Question with dropdowns


Brand new to Webflow so this is definitely a stupid question. Just wondering how I can remove the dropdowns from my header on my website I just want the button to go direct to a page and not show a dropdown.


No question is a stupid question

You should simply use a nav link instead of a dropdown if you wish to take the user to another page.
Just copy and paste an already existing nav link, and change its text and destination.

Refer to the gif below
(I have created a pricing page already to demonstrate the working link)

Hope this helps

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Hi @Keshav_Sharma,

Thanks so much for the response! I have tried that but it seems to still generate another tab on the dropdown as seen in the picture below :confused: Even if I click add link it just adds another link to the dropdown

Actually, it is a dropdown toggle only, that you have renamed as ‘Nav Link’. This is the reason of confusion
Try copying and pasting the Home button link.
If that is also somehow a dropdown, then drag a Text Link from the add panel and style it accordingly.