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Need help with the a Custom Menu

Howdy, guys. Look, I’m trying to recreate a menu I’ve done for my agency website. I’m pretty new to webflow and would love to know how this type of dropdown could be achieved.

He’s the prototype done in UXPin. Just click on the Sevices menu item to see the toggle:

Here is my public Webflow link:

My initial thought was to create a div wrapper with a class, and later on, control the class wrapper animate in and out by applying an interaction to the class. If you guys already did such a custom dropdown, let me know what’s the steps you took.

Thanks in advance

Hey @chrisworkforfood,

Webflow has a build in element for dropdown, which, also has an “open-on-hover”. Use it, to make your life easier :slight_smile: and the experience better.
You won’t need to use interactions at all.

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Thanks, @avivtech. I’ll give it a shot

Does anybody have other alternatives?

Hey @chrisworkforfood This from @PixelGeek might help you, it’s cloneable too.

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@chrisworkforfood Another one that might help is

Hey, thanks for a starting point. I watched the PixelGeek webinar and looks like his solution might work. Thanks one more time for the tips. I’ll definitely give a try now.

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