Help needed: Transferring a live site to another Webflow Account

Hi guys, I have a customer’s site published via my account and I need to transfer it to a new account that they manage / own. It’s got an Adobe typeface (so API key) so that needs to be set too.
Can anyone help to advise and implement this to make sure smooth transfer and site stays live / limited downtime?
FYI My acct a Freelancer


I have the same issue and the solution from Webflow is… “There is no solution” because what they suggest is, get ready! You have to cancel the hosting in order to transfer the project.

“Projects that have an active Hosting Plan on them cannot be transferred. You will first need to cancel the Hosting Plan and then transfer the projects.”

I’m so piss with the whole client billing phasing out. I can believe they did it without enabling a smooth way to transfer projects.
WF is abusing the captive users we are as websites cannot be moved to other providers.
I’m done with WF, really.

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