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Help me with the logic of creating a collect

Maybe this is a dumb question but I’m fairly new to building in webflow and I’m not sure I’m understanding the logic on how to structure my collections properly.

Basically, I’m building a site for a print shop that produces a variety of different printed products. Think business cards, posters, flyers, banners, etc - a few hundred items altogether. They want to group them together under different categories like - “Business Essentials” being business cards and letterheads, and “Marketing Materials” being flyers and pamphlets, etc.

Assuming I want a page that shows ALL of the products, a page for each category, and then individual pages for each item - should I create individual collection lists for each category with the products that fall under them? Or is there a way to upload a full catalog of all products and then be able to parse them out by category?

I appreciate any help you all can provide so I can wrap my head around this.

Hey Justin,

It’s not stupid CMS planning is a pia. Make sure you view the ecommerce university content first. Webflow creates the base collections you need. These should get you by. You can import bulk including categories. then it is about making use of the category and product template pages which do the heavy lifting - design once, applies to all category items. :sparkles:

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