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Using Collections

Hi folks,

I am currently making a website for a client and they will have a range of about 60 Products to go up on the website, with information for each. I was wondering if I would be smart using collections for this as each page style will be the same layout, Name, Price, Size, Product image and Description.

Would this be a smart use for using collections and a speedy method?

Any help would be appreciated!

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You mean using collection rather than not using the CMS features at all?


This is exactly why CMS are made. It’s going to be automatic, and you’ll get a way faster site than if you design 60 different pages in Webflo (I mean faster in the Webflow designer). CMS “pages” don’t count in the page count.

Also you can even optimize further away. If you have informations about your products such as properties that are always chosen in the same list, make collections for them. And start by making those collections. For example, you can make a Authors collection, then add a field in your product collection to chose an author, or anything that can be chosen in a drop down menu afterwrds: colors, type, family of product… anything. Later, you’ll be able to sort products by all those dynamic criterias, or pages listing only the available colors etc… That’s what CMS is bringing.

If you share all the infos about your product, I can help you defining what whould be a table (collection) and what should be manually entered.

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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your response. I would be building them a Website with other pages and I was thinking Collections would be a good way of creating the section of the Website for their range of products. Is this still possible?

So their main website will all be designed in Webflow Designer and there will be a Nav link for their products that will present a gallery of their products (like a blog post link) and they would click in to read more about each product.

They are tanning products so it would go:

Name of Products
Size of Bottle
Caption about product
Key Features & Benefits

For each product.

Absolutely. With CMS you click on product then have a “grid” of products, or a list, with a “teaser” for each one (a summary, quick description, whatever you need there), and a link going to a full page with all the infos.

Name of Products: abviously specific to each product: so a text field
Size of Bottle: if there is a given number of size, you can make a collection with all the sizes and pick in it.
Price: text field
Caption about product: text
Description: text
Key Features & Benefits: text

So not so much of multiple collections here, but you see the idea.

Be aware that a CMS site can’t be self hosted, it has to be hosted by Webflow, and you pay for hosting as soon as you add a custom domain and/or a “client role” to enter new datas (products).

Thanks for that Vincent, the whole CMS/ Webflow thing is confusing me. Does it mean that to use collections with Webflow I’d need a CMS hosting enabled? I think I’m confusing Webflow’s CMS for websites and collections, I assume collections is hand in hand with CMS because its using a database like CMS would.

That’s correct! When you’re done with your website you can test it on the subdomain but to host it on a custom domain you have to choose CMS hosting. :thumbsup:

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