Help me! Website with video portfolio. Is it recommended to do in webflow or wordpress?

I already have 3 projects in webflow and I really like being here. But, I’m starting a new project for a movie company. Their website will have a portfolio session with lots of movies. I would like to know if someone has already done some kind of work of this here in webflow, if I will have many limitations and if I better go for a wordpress.

I have to remember that the videos can not have all those attributes of youtube, I will need to customize it.

This is totally achievable with Webflow, however it will require some code most probably. You can’t put a ton of video players on a page, very quick the page is too slow, that’s not an option. So you need to work with custom JS code and Youtube or Vimeo’s API. It’s really easy work for a code so you cold consider hiring one for that task. Once in place, it’s easy to have pages filled with video thumbnails and let the user play one after the other, with the previous video stopping nice when the new start, and many other possible options.

Maybe you’ll find templates for Wordpress that already have most of this coded. Not an enough reason to leave the design potential of Webflow for Wordpress if you intend to continue designing with Webflow, imho. In the end you’ll always have more control over your work with Webflow, because it’s yours.

I would not even want to make out of Webflow. These custom code from JS code and Youtube or Vimeo’s API I do not know how to do. Can I get some help here? If so, I can pay to help me in this case.

Another concern of mine is the cms for the client to update. With videos is also possible in webflow?

Totally agreed! It is achievable with webflow. Though wordpress hosting is good for all no doubt with amazing features but for your need webflow is also perfect

Hey Gustavo,

I created a video site for a production house. We embed Vimeo videos using a video CMS collection list. The pro Vimeo plan provides excellent control for embeds including hiding most vimeo player elements. The client needs to stay on top of video privacy settings and the like, but it works well. You will need the videos hosted somewhere other than webflow.

It was the first time I have used video markup schema and the SEO value of the video portfolio items is excellent.

You could create display filters eg documentary, explainer video and so on. I haven’t done anything as interesting as @vincent discusses. It was one of my first webflow sites, so there will be a few things to revisit on many fronts.