Best Webflow site for video

Hi all
I would like to know what webflow site is best for video. We are a production compnay and would like to showcase our productions.

Hi @Spero

That’s quite a broad question. With Webflow you can easily add video to a site, so essentially all sites are good for video…

With Webflow you can either build your own site from scratch with full design control, or start with a template instead:

You can place video on a static (non-CMS) site, but if you are going to be adding them regularly, or wanted to add a blog about them, you may want to look at a template with CMS features. That would mean you don’t have to design each post, you make a template page which is populated whenever youu add new content through the editor.

Thank you very much for your response
I am looking for an existing framework that we can re-skin and make our own.

Have a search of Portfolio or Photography on the templates page - there should be some good choices there. Photo elements could be swapped for Videos, or you could launch a lightbox with a video playing instead.

Feel free to ask on the forum if you get stuck with anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Stu, I have searched the Portfolio & managed to find a few that are suitable!
Much appreciated.