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First, sorry for my english, i’m not native.

I’ve a big client at phone this morning, he tell me that he need to make a new website (a big website) but he need the ability to make a vidéo portfolio (he create short films of presentation for businesses).

So i’ve one simple question because all the rest of Webflow fonctionnality match the need of the client, can i create a vidéo portfolio with the CMS? My client should be able to add or remove vidéo? The videos will be hosted on Youtube.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ozaroth,

Yes, that is possible! Very easy! Your client can fill in a Youtube Share link and he’s done!


Ok for the shared link but does the CMS create the thumbnail and embed the player?
How do you do that?


Both is possible. The Shared link ceated it himzelfs. or the client can upload an image themselfs.

Ok, do you have an example or tutorial?

Well my friend, i had some minutes left in my lunchbreak here! :grinning:
So special for you!


You rock thank you!

It’s very easy too.

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And here an answer to the second question! :grinning:

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Thanks for your time and tutorial!