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Is Webflow MY best option?

I’m new to Webflow and I have watched EVERY Video tutorial. I am a designer who has been using Wix for website building. I quickly grew out of it (WIX), and found Webflow. I do feel like I Have way more control in designing, yet I have a client with a unique need that need help with…

Project Idea:
The client wants to create a widget-building website. The widget-builder website will allow people to share media in exchange for email address and FB like. The user will need to be able to 1) upload images, videos, and audio files 2) create a “widget” with the uploaded media and 3) share the widget via social media. Was wondering if Webflow had the full-functionality to pull this project off.

Here is a list of things that I need the website/widget to be able to do.

  1. Website needs to have Login/Signup capabilities

  2. Website needs to have a backend system where users can have their own profile
    a. User must be able to upload unique avatar
    b. User must be able to upload images, videos, and audio files
    c. User must be able to see list view of their Images, videos, and audio files
    d. User must be able to create unique widgets containing Image/Video & playable audio file.
    e. Widget must have a form at the bottom and must be sharable.

  3. Users must pay and become members before accessing the “Widget-Creator”
    f. Some capabilities of widget must be disabled based on User Membership Level

  4. Users must pay prior to accessing “Backend”

  5. Users must be charged pr. submission of widget.

If this sounds like a lot of questions, I definitely understand. I have it all drawn out how I would like it, I’m just not a developer and I want to close this job with CONFIDENCE… PLEASE HELP

Thanx in advance to anyone willing to assist in understanding the technical requirements to pull such a project off.

Webflow is the tool to use when going from your wireframe to design phase. It is a very nice replacement to photoshop because you can design and code at the same time. This saves a TON of time.

Now, for backend things that are connected to a database, like login/signup features, Webflow cannot help you with that.

But, you can export your project’s code (HTML, CSS, JS) and add in dynamic code then upload to your own web host.

Hope this answers your questions. =)

I wonder if WF makes clear enough in their video’s (and on their site) what you can and cannot do. If someone watches all video’s and is still unclear about making upload functionality, display uploads, databasing and so on, then something about WF pitch is definately missing. Right?

You may be able to design it using WebFlow, export it then drop it into a CMS like WordPress(.org) or OctoberCMS for the backend. There should be some tutorials around here…

WF is for frontend only. For that, it’s amazing though. Then you can export the site and connect it do a CMS of you liking.

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I wish there was a tutorial on how to use WF with octoberCMS. I have looked everywhere for this!