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Embed self hosted video?

Is it possible to embed a video that is hosted on my own server through Webflow? I am planning to use Webflow hosting for the site.

Thanks in advance - Rob

Through custom code yes. But you’ll have to host your video elsewhere… and I really mean VIDEOS, because you’re going to need 3 formats (H264, OGG and Webm) to cover desktop and mobiles devices. That’s one of the reason Webflow asks you to host videos on Youtube or Vimeo, because it removes the hassle of having to prepare various formats and optimize for them.

Learn about HTML5 videos here:


But yeah, that would be great if Webflow was absorbing your source video and did all the work, with a nice configurable custom video player.

You can also consider some JS libraries that are making Youtube video players better looking.

Thanks @vincent (again). I really appreciate your willingness to guide all the newbies and for all of the great examples you have posted in your sandbox. It has been a tremendous help.

I thought the H-264/mp4 video I was testing just a no show with as a standard embed - but it actually was just incredibly slow. Much slower than dropping the direct link from my server in the browser? Anyway, I will just post through Vimeo or YouTube and may use a pretty embed to clean up the cruft which was my primary goal.