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Help me get this layout to work

Below you will find a mock up of the layout that I am trying to create in Webflow. The things that I have to have is the picture should be fixed and must take up 100% of the height and width on the left side of the page so that when viewed on tablets and below, there is no white space to the right of the image. The dummy text should scroll if there is more than fits in the viewport. I would like the hamburger icon to appear once the viewer has scrolled approximately 300px down the page and it should trigger a slide out menu when clicked. Here is my public link that shows what I have so far. Please click on the “scholar” link. I can’t figure out why there are two vertical scroll bars as I only want one or why there is a horizontal scroll bar where the dummy text is.

Hey @Aksaunders

To get rid of the horizontal scroll bar switch your div from “scroll” to “auto scroll”.

The only two vertical scroll bars I see are the bar created by your “scroll” setting on the content div and the browser window. Which one do you think shouldn’t be there?

The browser window has a scroll bar because your content is greater then then the height of the browser. Both the bottom of your picture and your footers are off screen.

Currently the only scoll interactions are scroll into view and scroll out of view. So you will have to place a scroll interaction on an element that is out of view. So that when it scrolls into view it can trigger the element you want. On my screen the only element that can do that in the last paragraph. I don’t think there is 300px of space for a user to scroll so and don’t think using 300px as a measurement is possible.

I’ll give it some more thought.


I didn’t want the scroll bar on the DIV. I am actually trying to recreate the Bushwick theme for Wordpress which can be seen here. Any help that you can give would be fantastic.

isn’t that layout basically this free Webflow template?

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