Help learning about CMS database design and planning

I’m looking maybe for learning resources where I can start to learn about databases and so on, I have an idea for a CMS site but can’t figure it out - I’ve not built anything yet.

My idea involves me uploading restaurants from various people, I want the restaurants, the people and their rating all linked dynamically to one another through the CMS.

Any help or advice on how to starting learning about this?

@Max_Wilson - what you’re describing is a relational database. In your case you have three objects: people, restaurants, and ratings.

The ratings would be related to both the person and the restaurant.

I would recommend watching this basic overview of relational databases on YouTube: Relational Database Concepts - YouTube.

However, understanding databases is just the beginning of your project, I’m assuming that since you are on the Webflow forums you are thinking about implementing this in Webflow? If that is the case, I would probably caution you against a project like this using Webflow.

While Webflow has a lot of strengths for certain things, building databases is not one of them in my experience. What you are describing is going to be more of a web application that in my opinion would be best served using something like React for the front-end and building a custom database that interacts with the front-end.

You could build this in a ton of different ways, using a ton of different languages. As a starting point, this tutorial is always my go to: The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World! -

Although it’s Python rather than JavaScript the concepts carry over.

Thank for the reply Sam. I’m going to take a proper look tomorrow morning at the link your shared.

Just on the question of whether it’s a web app or not. I wasn’t intending to build something users could upload to themselves, what I have in mind is for the website to ‘curate’ recommendations - but that if a place was recommended by another person in the database, then the other recommenders and their ratings would all be linked and shown on the page for the reader too see easily.

Maybe it’s still a web app. Maybe it’s something I’ll look into Wized for, I have been meaning to dive into Wized since Finsweet opened it up.

Thanks again Sam.